The Features Of The PlayStation Network

The Features Of The PlayStation Network

Although the PlayStation Network has been around for approximately eight years, new PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 players will mean new people are going to be joining the network all the time. In terms of the PlayStation Plus subscription service, which offers players additional features that go beyond what the PSN offers for free, there is currently a membership base that is close to eight million.

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The PlayStation 4 is naturally getting a ton of attention right now. Even so, the PS3 continues to do well. Both offer the PlayStation Network, and both allow for the opportunity to sign up for the PlayStation Plus service. There is also the PlayStation Vita, which is an additional system that allows access to the network and to PlayStation Plus.


All of these systems allow for access to the PlayStation Network.


PlayStation Network Explained

The PSN was unveiled in 2006. It has become a significant component to any gaming experience for anyone playing a PS3, a PS4, or the PS Vita. The network allows for players to engage in multiplayer, access a variety of apps and special features, download games, play games over a streaming site, watch movies, and much more. Regardless of the system you are using to access the network, certain features are pretty universal.


If you’re buying a Sony gaming system for the first time, or if it’s been quite a while since you put your PlayStation up for sale on eBay, the network can seem like a pretty big deal. It is. You’re going to want to learn about the various features that make up the network, regardless of the system you have. You’re also certainly going to want to learn about PlayStation Plus, which allows you to enjoy the full extent of what the PlayStation Network offers.


Simply put, the PSN is designed to not only enhance your gaming experience. It is also designed to give you the ability to access social media, instant videos, music, and more.

PlayStation Network Features

The PlayStation Network offers a variety of features that are available for all Sony systems. There are also certain apps and other features that are exclusive to certain systems. In terms of features that are offered across all Sony systems, some of the items you’re going to come across include:


  • Online instructions.
  • User profiles.
  • Sign In ID/Online ID.
  • Registration for users with the master/sub accounts. Keep in mind that the sub accounts are connected to the master account, and that the sub accounts cannot be promoted.
  • Friends list with IM capabilities.
  • Lobbies or matchmaking services for immediate online playing.
  • Multiplayer gaming.
  • Scores or ranks for comparing player performances.
  • Internet browser with Google.
  • The trophy system that keeps track of achievements with various games.
  • Block list/parental control.
  • PlayStation Store.
  • PlayStation Instant Game Collection.


These are some of the features that exist across all PSN formats. Remember that each system features entertainment services and other components that are unique to that system. For example, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 offer Amazon Prime Instant Video, whereas PlayStation Vita does not offer this service.



Why do people have sex in any phase of the sexual cycle?

Why do people have sex in any phase of the sexual cycle?


Frankly speaking, no primates are not all the same in this regard: the lower, such as lemurs and lorişii not practice this type of copulation, but it is found in most other species of primate, more evolved. (An interesting exception are the gorillas, who copulate for a few days each cycle, around the time of ovulation.) Otherwise, however, other species of monkeys are acuplează and day further from the time of ovulation (but usually before it).


This behavior seems to be related to the growing complexity of the brain. Females more evolved species of monkeys, direct hormonal control over the availability for mating slowed, gaining greater importance more flexible control exercised by the brain, and this effect is more evident, as the species is higher on the ladder of evolution, culminating in the human species. Decrease the importance of hormonal control and the growth of the brain could explain, so why the human species this behavior is obvious everywhere. However, the author insists, is wrong to say that man is the only species that acuplează along the female sexual cycle; This behavior is common to man and several species of monkeys and probably was already present in the common ancestors of apes and of man ago 40 million years. But what is the point of such behavior? Seems counterproductive in terms of evolution, as partners to acupleze in times where there is no chance of fertilization or fertilization involves the risk that eggs and sperm “breathe”. (These cells have a very short breeding life – a day or two – and quickly lose their best qualities.) Participation in the fertilization of such an egg or sperm aging may lead to a defective embryo, resulting in miscarriage or birth of defective offspring – adverse events perpetuating the species.


From this point of view, seems more “wise” strategy other mammals – to breed only in a short period of time of each cycle of the female sex in the few days around ovulation, ensuring participation in fertilization reproductive cells “fresh” best fit.

How is it that the more evolved apes and humans, however, mating can be achieved in days away from the time of ovulation? Certainly produced by evolving a mechanism to eliminate risks. But still they gave during their development at a control mechanism so good in terms of biological, which would be provided, as well as other mammals, best chances to get a fertilization with reproductive cells in top shape? Mister.

Danger fertilization with sperm or ova aging was not really taken into account so far, so ignoring this aspect, some biologists have tried to explain this strange behavior by different assumptions of man and apes: copulation extended over a large parts of the sexual cycle.

Anthropologist Nancy Burley launched the idea of a link between this extended period of mating and so-called “concealed ovulation”: a male can not detect when ovulation occurs ie the female, if it does not deliver certain specific signals. In many species of mammals, olfactory and behavioral signals, indicating the male when the female ovulates and it is then (and only then) receptive to mating. In humans and many species of monkeys, there is such signals, a phenomenon linked to the expansion of female receptivity and mating period of the sexual cycle

Clash of Clans Game

Clash of Clans Game


The Clash of Clans game is centered on building, expanding and maintaining a small village that is completely fantasy. Also, you must stop attacks from goblins who try to steal gold, and search for enemy settlements to demolish. This game can be a bit hard to start on your own, so in order to make a successful clan and settlement, you may need a bit of help. We’ve created this guide to help you have a successful game that will make your Clash of Clans experience the best it can be.


clash of clans


Basics to Get Started

There are three different kinds of currency in the Clash of Clans game. Gold coins come from resource gatherers, completing missions and quests and other outlets. They can be spent on upgrading buildings, paying workers for clearing obstacles, buying decorations and fortifying your village. Elixir is a pink substance that is gained from resource gatherers, but it can also be taken from the goblin settlements that you can burn to the ground. This will be most likely being spent training troops, upgrading buildings that cannot be improved by gold coins alone. They also buy materials to make resource shelters. Finally, Green Gems are the premium currency of the Clash of Clans game, which is available through in-app purchases and special game promotions. You can also trade coins and Elixir for Green Gems. They can be used to build special buildings and other tasks that consume a lot of time.


While playing the Clash of Clans game, you will find yourself constructing a lot of things. There are resource buildings, which store commodities, Barracks to house your soldiers, as well as other military themed buildings, and contraptions that will serve as a house for valuable resources. Building many of these will help you succeed as well as gain you more men and other important things. When you upgrade a Town Hall to level four, the Air Defense and Spring Trap items will be engaged, which will be make these accessible to the villagers. Also, every time you upgrade your Barracks, you will be given a new troop type.

Battles in the Clash of the Clans game can be easy and smooth if you know how to conduct yourself properly through them. If you attempt to partake in more than a few battles at first without upgrading your Barracks, you will end up lying in a ditch, dead. Also, don’t train any units for battle until you have seen your battlefield and know everything you should know to make the proper arrangements and adjustments.


Playing the Clash of the Clans game can be fun if you know some basic rules. Have fun playing!

The life of an inventor

The life of an inventor

Life meets an inventor often badjocora and hostility because he threatens the interests of a few. This leads logically to be suppressed inventions, or financial support to be withheld, except in the minds of people like me who make an effort to change things. This is how it was born entrepreneurial group Perendev Power International; to develop solutions and inventions, regardless of their innovative nature and financial implications. We once again to bring people and nature back into harmony. Perendev innovations aim to promote prosperity and to make the world healthier, safer place to live with continued development. When using our innovations we want to have a good feeling. With many of today’s products and technology, this is not possible. We want to change that. You may think that this is not possible, but you will be really surprised, it can be performed. You take advantage, we take advantage, but …….. importantly, environmental profits.

Light Boolb


As groundbreaking and industry impact as it was the eighties and nineties computers and automotive industry before this, alternative energy will revolutionize this new century. Perendev Power Holding and “daughter” her company Perendev Energy Power GmbH, located in Germany, is becoming increasingly recognized internationally for its alternative energy and new technologies. Remove energy dependence to the national and oil. It uninterrupted power does not pollute actually clean environment. Perendev engines can dramatically reduce electricity bills. Once you have paid for it, there will be no electric bills. we be protected against terrorist threats to oil supply and electricity and a lifestyle disrupted.


History Perendev

The origins of our magnetic motor go back to 1969 when inventor, now Director of Administration, Mike Brady built the first version of wood. Motor function, but with a limited power because of magnets available at that time. What this proved was that it is possible to make a magnetic motor that produces electricity as an alternative energy source. Since then technology has advanced at a rapid pace and have strong earth magnets available today, make technology available. Perendev company has seven years since developing alternative energy research. It has attracted more than 3.5 million last birth or magnetic motor and is now ready to capitalize on this investment. Originally formed in South Africa, with subsidiary interests in Germany and Austria, the company has its headquarters in Switzerland. Perendev developed a strong international links with many international companies and form continuous bi-lateral relations across the world where there is a need for alternative energy. Currently the contract negotiations are underway to provide manufacturing and distribution license appropriate organizations worldwide.

Electromagnetic engine 100 kW (kilowatts)

Electromagnetic motor 100 kw has a continuous output power of 90 kW. Synchronous or asynchronous generator has 4 or 8 poli.Temperatura evaluated 30-40 degrees C at normal load. This product is designed for use in the home or small industries. Can be used in other applications such as boats and cars, with a specially designed generator and an electric motor. Unit 100 kw is the younger brother of 300 kW unit has been designed for use in light aircraft and cars. We now due to demand, a unit of energy produced as static.


100 kwSpecificatii:

– Power output: 100 kW to 180.63 amps and 400 volts 3 phase.

– Continuous output power is 90 kW synchronous generator 4 or 8 pole

– Evaluation temperature is 30-40 degrees C at normal load

– Weight 1.250 kg

– Dimensions: 1.2 m long x 1.2 m wide x 1.4 m high

– 1 starter battery

– Replace fuel or diesel units

– There is power panel

– Sustainable Construction

– 5 years warranty conditional

– Price in custody: 24700 euro without taxes and delivery trucks


Electromagnetic motor 300 kw

Electromagnetic engine alternator and control panel. Flow 300 kw / hour, designed to run constantly. 300 kw generator has the capacity to produce 290 kw per hour consistently. The unit comes complete with control panel, alternator and box.


300 kwSpecificatii:

– Alternator: used Hitachi, Bosch and AEG, depending on the type, voltage and amperage variation

– Production: European Standar 400 volt 3-phase, 541 amps, depending on the type of alternator.

– 3 plugs for 240 volts

– One 400 volt outlet

– Connected directly to mains

– EMM Motor: 300 kW continuous power through a gearbox ratio of 2×1.

– Weight: 1,350kg +, depending on the configuration.

– Dimensions: 1.6 m long x 1.2 m wide x 1.4 m high.

– Power continues 50Hz or 60Hz European standard American standard.

– Without power failure

– Without Fuel

– 5 years warranty conditional

– Custody Price: 45000 euro without shipping fee


Note: Motors are never sold permanently, a 5-year lease equipment in use give the person who pays a nominal fee to maintain the lease. This monthly fee is somewhere around the 100-600 euros, depending on the size and charge units will include a contact person and Maintenance.

Magnetic motor PERENDEV

Magnetic motor PERENDEV

Perendev magnetic motor is perhaps the best known model of magnetic motor. It is conducted by Michael J Brandy, who says it is working. On-site company that created it together as some associates, namely PERENDEV are claims that have already made ​​several versions of magnetic motor and it is available for rent to those interested. They said they chose this method because of the situation and the risks that may come from companies that have a monopoly in the energy (oil, electricity, etc.) and to protect patents. We strive to be as objective and to present things as accurately as possible. Thus we present largely what is shown on the website connected to the motor Perendev both magnetic and other fields in which their company was involved. There will be neither pro nor against what they claimed, but at the end of the article we will make a few small comments. But let’s see what they say and claim those from Perendev.


PERENDEV “represents change how the world uses energy. We are dedicated to saving the planet. Perendev is Aternativa No.1 company in the world today is not something that happened overnight, it took years and a total dedication to achieve this goal, through hard work and vision to change the way the world uses energy. we would like to point out that in 1998, it was very little publicity regarding magnetic motors, Perendev made ​​public on the Internet that have developed a magnetic motor since then many people have developed and tried to develop magnetic motors. we wish them all who do this continue to show the world that there is a better way to use energy. “Michael J Brandy

“History is full of people who out of fear, ignorance, or lust for power have destroyed knowledge of immeasurable value which truly belongs to us all.

We must not let this happen again. “Carl Sagan

An important and great value is that it mentions that the first magnetic motor was built in 1269 by Peter Peregrinus.

Mission Statement

Everyone in this world beautiful and diverse that in parts, we have the same common interest. We all want to be wealthy and healthy and have a good family life. For this to happen, our planet must also be healthy. We all admit that Mother Nature is the basis of all life but through our current way of life, slowly destroying the earth. And what is worse, the pace of destruction is increasing. For thousands of years our ancestors lived largely in harmony with nature, until around the 17th century. Our problems today started with the steam engine revolution that led us into the industrial age, industrial exploitation that followed. Mass production and the growing need for energy raw materials such as coal and crude oil in two short centuries, almost exhausted what Mother Nature has to offer billions of years.

How long can you resist these natural assets? 50 or 200 years? As they become more rare, unfortunately, log the fact that we’re sinking into poverty and war. And what to say about the effect of poisonous exhaust? They devastateaza our ecological system and endanger our health. Planet that sustains us suffer even worse. I think everyone will agree with me. Is it not time to look for solutions to protect our future and above all our children’s future before it’s too late?


Evolutionary medicine and human health secrets

Evolutionary medicine and human health secrets Why is there cancer? Or, more generally, why we get sick? Not “how” – it handles medical research and practice, the molecular mechanisms and physiological discern that underlie health and disease. A more difficult question is “why” people get sick? – Why evolution has structured these mechanisms in a way that makes us vulnerable to disease? Why are diseases, why is there pain, why are mental disorders, why the human body has the power to survive the onslaught of thousands of pathogens, yet falls prey to so many diseases? We are on the playing field – or the battlefield – of a new and fascinating science: Evolutionary medicine or Darwinian medicine, as it is called, which starts from the theory of evolution to understand the concepts of health and disease. This new approach has helped scientists to progress much in understanding such phenomena as the development of antibiotic resistance, autoimmune diseases, cancer, various psychiatric disorders. In terms of evolution, it is explained by the existence of adaptive structures and mechanisms, developed through natural selection; they remained human composition until today, but out of their original context – for modern human life no longer resembles its ancestors animal – takes today issues that we call pathological. Complicated? A better understand the examples in the article.

Evolutionary medicine and human health secrets

Darwinian Medicine is still a subject little known, frail represented in research, with a small number of followers. But it is one of the most exciting new approaches to medical science – one that digs much deeper, goes to the root of diverse pathologies, trying to unravel the very becoming evolutionary origin of human beings. Without substituting contemporary medical approach, without claiming to be an alternative to conventional medicine, it can provide additional on an actual increase depth of knowledge in the medical field. On the trail of the enrichment of theoretical knowledge, practical benefits arising will come: new recommendations preventive health and new therapies.


Among the supporters of this new vision is: Paul Davies (from Arizona State University) and Charles Lineweaver from the Australian National University, the promoters of a new theory on cancer, evolutionary perspective; Randolph M. Nesse and George C. Williams, authors of one of the few books in the field yet – Why We Get Sick – The New Science of Darwinian Medicine, which appeared in 1996, was one of the first works that explained in detail the new vision of health and disease.


“Why there, in the human body, so lovely designed, thousands of defects and weaknesses that make us vulnerable to disease?” As Nesse and Williams authors begin their first chapter – entitled exciting “mystery illness” – in their book. With a dizzying complex physiology, admirably adapted to cope with a huge number of problems and repunându survived them on foot – from infections to thousands of types of pathogens to fractures or injuries to internal organs – the human body however, numerous vulnerabilities, which is manifested by the many diseases that pose. Hard to understand this paradox, which the authors call “the great mystery of medicine.” And yet, they say, an evolutionary perspective make this mystery in a series of questions that can be answered.




A development strategy: compromise


One of the key is understanding that evolution does not make things perfect – far from it. The human body is a collection of compromises. Many anatomical features amaze us by their apparent perfection – human hands are capable of great things! – While others puzzled by the fact that we seem cool “bad thought” if the machine body had been designed by a designer, but very incompetent one would have thought, for instance, cross-path digestive pharynx the respiratory and afterwards try to repair the stupidity inventing a protective mechanism (apparently a complication in addition) that the airway is closed whenever swallow a morsel, for it to not enter the trachea instead go through the esophagus. (And, as we know, this mechanism fails quite often, as we drown the food.) Can give other examples, all showing that, although not opera “someone” but the result of a natural process of evolution led natural selection, hide the body, however, compromise solutions, expression of evolutionary paths taken means to reconcile each with very different requirements.

What have depression and suicide attempts

What have depression and suicide attempts? There are many myths about depression and one of the most popular is that only depressed people commit suicide. Of course, in case of major depression, or clinical, it is called the crisis, there is a risk of suicide than 6%, much higher than in the case of people who do not suffer from this disorder, where risk is only 1%.

According to a study of 331 adults who took part, 43% said that those killed were probably suffering from depression.

What have depression and suicide attempts


Unfortunately, in reality, the risk that occurs in people who have a milder form of depression, and family and friends will not suspect danger, in the absence of serious symptoms. Thus, the disease remains untreated and will get worse.


In the case of suicide, according to a survey, about 13% of them suffered from major depression, but they had other illnesses: schizophrenia, alcoholism, panic disorder and other psychiatric disorders.


According to psychologists, often in depressed people, suicide attempts occur only after their condition improves, because only then gain enough power to act in this direction.


However, most patients do not reach suicide attempts and many do not even think about it. Also, according to statistics, for every 25 suicide attempts are needed so often desperate gesture is not the cause of death of the patient.


Most times, attempted suicide occurs suddenly, is a boost, not something premeditated and therefore can often be stopped. According to a study, 87% of those who wanted to kill themselves have decided to make this gesture just the day before, 71% to 24% one hour before and 5 minutes before the attempt.


Statement by Ken Baldwin, who tried to kill himself by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge, is moving and illustrates very well what goes on in the mind of a depressed person: “As soon as I jumped into space I realized that all problems of my life, which I thought were unsolvable, could actually be directed, with one exception – a goal that skipped off the bridge “

Manifestations of depression

Manifestations of depression. Depression often result in back pain, joints, limbs, gastrointestinal disorders, sleep and appetite changes.

This link exists because the mood and pain are determined by the level of serotonin in the brain and neuropinefrină. Thus, the antidepressants which may regulate the mechanism of these neurotransmitters is the first line of treatment, as shown in a recent study showing the link between depression and physical symptoms.

 Manifestations of depression

Madhukar Trivedi doctor looked at research conducted on 1,146 patients with depression in 14 countries and found that 69% of them went to the doctor just because of their physical symptoms, which occurred in early disease.


Therefore, accurate information and less attention to states of others may help early identification of depression.




People prone to depression




Some people have a predisposition to this disease and they can be recognized quite easily, using established criteria from a study published in the American Journal of Public Health.


Of course, it is mandatory that all these people to become depressed, as the disease can manifest in people who do not qualify.


According to psychologists, among those most exposed to this disorder include sexual minorities: gay, transgender etc.


Because of their stigma, many show signs of depression and anxiety, are isolated and some of them have been previously exposed to various traumas. If their lifestyle, which includes discrimination and sometimes violence, which is prone to depression.


Another vulnerable group are teenagers who have a relative who works in the military. According to studies, they are often depressed and thinking about suicide than other young

The disorder is often encountered among veterans, particularly the military who have gone a long period of time, the mission abroad.


Another group at high risk of depression is the artists, creative people, as was the case with Robin Williams. Many famous writers have suffered from depression: Charles Dickens, Tennessee Williams, Eugene O’Neill, Ernest Hemingway, Leo Tolstoy, Virginia Woolf, Sylvia Plath are just a few examples.


These people are more sensitive and see life in an original, unique, hard to understand. But it’s not just that. They often face rejection from others are not supported, feel lonely, isolated and not get the help and encouragement that they need education and career, because art is not a trivial choice, considered normal, like other trades.


Also, introverts are more at risk of depression. According to a study conducted in 2002 and published in the Journal of Psychiatric Research, 74% of depressed people were introverted monitored. In addition, perfectionism is another feature of the personality involves a greater risk of depression and anxiety.


In this high risk are exposed and divorced women over 45 who have only secondary education and the unemployed, warns the Centre for Disease Control in the United States, published an alarming statistic: one in 10 Americans suffer from depression